Freelancers North, York and Carolina from Red vs. Blue, my favourite web series. North is holding Theta, his AI, and at the bottom you have their ship, the Mother of Invention, in battle. I love painting space, there’s just something so satisfying about bringing it all to life from a dark background.

Digital work | 2012

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  • Instructions for using these brushes.
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  1. This is phenomenal! Are you going to be putting this one up for sale? I know I would love to purchase one from you, as I’m sure many RVB fans would!

    • Thank you so much! I’m not sure whether it’ll be up for sale yet – I’m looking into that right now. :) I’ll post an update here and probably on my RT account too once I know more! But thanks very much, I’m glad you like this and I really appreciate the comment! :)

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