Flow of Time

Flow of Time

This piece was inspired by Momo, a German novel by Michael Ende. It’s about a little girl called Momo who has to save the world from time thieves, and it’s one of my favourite books of all time. The drawing weaves together the main elements of the story – Momo herself, the turtle Cassiopeia who helps her, various clocks, and the “hour flowers” which represent time in the book. The spiral thing is a special clock owned by Master Hora, the master of time. The girl is loosely based on this lovely stock photo.

Colour pencils on Bristol paper | 26 x 24 cm | 2012

This was my contribution to Artists for a Cure’s 2013 calendar, sold in aid of cancer research. Check it out here, and if you like it, go buy it! It’s for a great cause, and makes a great gift.

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