Out with the old…

As you may have noticed – brand new site! Well, almost new. I just haven’t managed to update this blog very quickly. But then, I haven’t updated it at all for months, so it probably doesn’t matter. NaNoWriMo is fast approaching again, so expect some updated spreadsheets for 2012 soon! There may even be a few brand new designs among them. You never know. I might even make some wallpapers.

In the meantime, here’s some new art I posted recently:

Colour pencils on Ingres paper | A4 | 2012  

I also started making symbol pendants with all kinds of symbols from different movies and shows. I made one for myself and just kept going, because it’s really fun. A few people have asked about buying one so – yes, they’re available to buy now, and you can commission a custom pendant at no extra charge if you want a symbol I haven’t done! You can check them out here.

More NaNo-related stuff to come soon, like I said!

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