Warrior Woman

Illustration of a female warrior character. Digital | 2011

Warrior Woman

Character illustration of a warrior woman on a mission. Yes, it’s fantasy. Yes, she’s wearing armour that would actually protect her in a fight. Those aren’t high-heeled boots, either! I’m pretty sure that breaks some kind of fantasy law. But that’s what I’m here for.

Digital work | 2011

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2 comments on “Warrior Woman

  1. This picture is sooo beautiful. I’m currently writing a story about a young girl, a Princess of a fantasy land who journeys to rescue her father from bandits. I came across this and thought “Oh my God, that’s Katelyn!”

    If it’s alright with you, can I please borrow your picture for the book cover? I have an account of Wattpad and we can create our own book covers. I will credit you of course, but I just wanted your consent before I did anything :) Great picture again!

    • Hey – thank you so much! I’m glad you like it, and sorry for the late reply, I was at a convention over the weekend.

      I’m afraid that I don’t allow use of my original stuff like that, just because it’d be really unfair to the people who pay me for book covers and character art. You’re welcome to link back to this like “this is how I imagine Katelyn” or whatever, that’s fine, but anything else just wouldn’t be fair of me. I hope you can understand, and thank you very much for asking, I appreciate it. :) Thanks again for your kind words. Best of luck with your story, too, it sounds really good. I’d love to read it sometime. :D

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