Awards and more word tracker themes

I’ve been very remiss in updating this site with all my news – and I do have some! Written Acts of Kindness BadgeThe lovely Cate gave me a “Written Acts of Kindness” award for my word meter and trackers, which put a big smile on my face. Look at it, it’s so pretty! Thanks a million, Cate.

Cate’s blog is called “CommuniCATE – Resources for Writers”, and that’s exactly what it is. It’s full of advice, writing tips, inspirational quotes, and all things wonderful. If you’re a writer, check it out!

I’m really amazed and impressed by all the positive responses I’ve been getting for my stuff. When I started making spreadsheets for NaNo, they were for my own use, and I only put them online as an afterthought. Fast-forward two years, and I’m making lots of different themes and getting requests and donations and all kinds of lovely comments. It’s pretty cool. A big thanks to everyone who’s commented and downloaded and donated.

Speaking of spreadsheets – yes, I have more. More themes for the 2013 word tracker, that is. I got requests for the huntsman and the steampunk themes, so I went with those. You can preview them by clicking on the images, and download them using the links below.


I’ve also updated the other 2013 trackers and re-uploaded them. There were some bugs, if you can believe that, but I think I got them all. But you might want to re-download them to make sure that they’ll work properly.

And I finally had the time to do some art again, so I wanted to share my most recent painting.

It’s a fantasy illustration of… actually, I’m not quite sure. I’m thinking that it’d make a good story, though. I keep wondering who she is, and who she’s looking at. It’s watercolour, which I love, but which is notoriously difficult to handle. I’m getting better; the trick is to stop obsessing over the details. That’s probably a life lesson right there.