ArcadeCon and other things

Once again, I’m overdue writing this, but that’s just life, and me, because I take a while to process things. Especially if they involve lots of people, which this did. Two weekends ago I took myself and my work to ArcadeCon‘s Artists Alley, not knowing what to expect but hoping for the best. It was my first proper convention as an artist – I did go to OctoCon last year, but as far as the Artists Alley was concerned it was pretty crap.

ArcadeCon was the exact opposite. Read more »

Downtime and update

You might have noticed that the site has had some downtime lately – there were some technical issues there. But it’s back now, and what’s better, mobile-enabled too! Can you handle the excitement? I can’t. I don’t have a smartphone.

If you do have a smartphone and run into problems using this site, please let me know, and I’ll try to fix it. The one thing that probably won’t work is the word count meter, but then again, who needs to generate a word count meter on their phone, anyway? It can wait until you get back to your computer. Really. Read more »

Awards and more word tracker themes

I’ve been very remiss in updating this site with all my news – and I do have some! Written Acts of Kindness BadgeThe lovely Cate gave me a “Written Acts of Kindness” award for my word meter and trackers, which put a big smile on my face. Look at it, it’s so pretty! Thanks a million, Cate.

Cate’s blog is called “CommuniCATE – Resources for Writers”, and that’s exactly what it is. It’s full of advice, writing tips, inspirational quotes, and all things wonderful. If you’re a writer, check it out!

I’m really amazed and impressed by all the positive responses I’ve been getting for my stuff. When I started making spreadsheets for NaNo, they were for my own use, and I only put them online as an afterthought. Fast-forward two years, and I’m making lots of different themes and getting requests and donations and all kinds of lovely comments. It’s pretty cool. A big thanks to everyone who’s commented and downloaded and donated.

Speaking of spreadsheets - yes, I have more. More themes for the 2013 word tracker, that is. I got requests for the huntsman and the steampunk themes, so I went with those. Read more »

Out with the old…

As you may have noticed – brand new site! Well, almost new. I just haven’t managed to update this blog very quickly. But then, I haven’t updated it at all for months, so it probably doesn’t matter. NaNoWriMo is fast approaching again, so expect some updated spreadsheets for 2012 soon! There may even be a few brand new designs among them. You never know. I might even make some wallpapers.

In the meantime, here’s some new art I posted recently:

Colour pencils on Ingres paper | A4 | 2012  

I also started making symbol pendants with all kinds of symbols from different movies and shows. I made one for myself and just kept going, because it’s really fun. A few people have asked about buying one so – yes, they’re available to buy now, and you can commission a custom pendant at no extra charge if you want a symbol I haven’t done! You can check them out here.

More NaNo-related stuff to come soon, like I said!