Commissions are CLOSED


Head and shoulders; depending on the pose, it might also include chest/upper arms. Digitally painted, in full colour.

Price: €60

Additional characters: + €40


The character is shown from the hips/thighs up.

Price: €90

Additional characters: + €60

Backgrounds & Extras

Basic backgrounds (as in the examples above, plain colour/impressionistic) are free. Some details (jewellery, weapons, armour/costume) are free, but if the commission involves a lot of extra detail, it will cost a bit more.

Detailed backgrounds: + €40

Extra details (detailed armour/clothing, other elements like animals, objects): + €30-€60 depending on complexity.


Line-only, little or no shading. I usually do them in one colour, but the colour overlay is free if you want one.


  • Bust: €30
  • Half-body: €40
  • Full-body: €50

Additional characters: €20 for bust, €30 for everything else.

The following are NSFW – bear that in mind before you click for the full version!

For more examples of my work and style, please have a look in my gallery!


Order Info & Terms of Service

The basics: I’ll need references and/or a description to work with. Payment is via PayPal, all up-front, though you can split the payment if it totals more than €60. No commercial use, meaning anything that is used to make money including books, promotional use, pay-to-view sites, etc. I only open a few slots at a time, and I’ll announce it on Twitter when I do.

To book a commission, fill out this order form or just email me directly – If commissions are closed and you’d like a quote for the future, feel free to email me as well!

These terms and prices only apply to non-commercial commissions.

That’s really all you need to know. For more details and fine print, see below!

Price List ▽

  • Bust (head & shoulders): €60
  • additional characters: + €40
  • Half-body (waist up): €90
  • additional characters: + €60
  • detailed backgrounds: + €40
  • extra details/elements: + €30-€60
  • Bust sketch: €30
  • Half-body sketch: €40
  • Full-body sketch: €50
  • additional characters/elements: + €20

Order Process ▽

  • I will open up commission slots periodically. Keep an eye on this page, or on my Twitter, where I’ll announce open slots.
  • To request a slot, fill out this order form or just email me directly – Please note that this does not guarantee you the slot, and it’s not a commitment, just a request.
  • I will get back to you and confirm the details and price. Commissions over €60 can be paid in two installments if you prefer, €60 and under must be paid in full up-front.
  • Once we’ve agreed on the details, I’ll send you an invoice, and once it’s been paid, I will start work.
  • When I’ve finished the commission and received any outstanding payments, I’ll send you the final version in both web display size, and high-resolution.

References ▽

It’s up to you to provide the description and/or reference(s) for the commission. If anything is unclear, I will ask! I’ll work from a description, or photo references in case of portraits of real people (or characters portrayed by real people). If you want me to draw you or any other real person, I will need a photo! Photo references for specific features (eyes, hairstyle, jewelry, clothing, weapons, etc) are great as well. And if you have a specific colour scheme in mind, please include that too.

Revisions ▽

I will incorporate every element from the description/reference; if for some reason I should fail to include something, I’ll change or add it free of charge. I will not change major details (colour scheme, reference, etc) for free if you change your mind once I’ve begun work. Small changes (eg. changing eye colour) are fine. I’m reasonable, and I won’t charge extra for things I can do in five minutes, but if it means an hour of work, I’ll have to charge for it.

Timeframe ▽

I try to get commissions done quickly, but art isn’t something anyone can do on command at all times. So it might take a little longer, depending on, well, life – but the result will be better than if I try to rush it, trust me.

Terms of Use ▽

  • I keep the rights to the image, including the right to display it in my portfolio (if it’s a portrait of someone who’d rather not have it displayed in public, I’ll make an exception).
  • The image may not be used to make money, whether as a book illustration, promotional image, or displaying on pay-to-view sites.
  • Payments are non-refundable once I’ve started work.
  • Commissions are done digitally. I will not print and ship them, but you will get a high-resolution file which you can get printed yourself.
  • Commissions will be delivered as a .jpg file. If you prefer a different file format, let me know!
  • If you want a transparent background, please make sure to say so up-front!

As long as you credit me and link to my site, you may:

  • Display the image on your website, blog, Facebook page, etc.
  • Use it as a header, icon, or profile picture.
  • In the case of sketches or line art, colour them or get them coloured by someone else.

If you display it online I’d strongly encourage you to use a watermark, to prevent someone else from claiming and using what you paid for! If you’re not sure how, I can add one for you.

You may not:

  • Claim it as your own work or display it without credit
  • Use it commercially, ie to make money. This includes selling prints, using as book covers, including in books, and displaying on pay sites.
  • Use them in your own edits or as a base for your own art. The only exception is colouring sketches/line art.

That’s it! If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch!