It’s here! Word tracker for 2013

I meant to have this done weeks ago, but life intervened and informed me that I now had other plans. Then I realised that last year’s tracker actually had some issues, so I fixed those to enhance the functionality. And so, it all took a little longer than intended. But I’m done now!


I have two different designs for this one so far. I’ll probably make a few more, but they won’t be out for another few days because I have to make graphics for them, and changing all the colours and fonts always takes a while.

Features and changes:

  • individual sheets for each month, where you can track your word count day by day.
  • adjustable yearly goal.
  • adjustable monthly goals.
  • progress charts and overview.
  • it’s now possible to set several monthly goals to 0 and have the form divide the word count evenly among the rest.

A few people asked about only tracking word count for one month, or a few months at a time. You can absolutely do that!

Using it for one month:

Set your yearly goal. Then set the monthly goal for your chosen month to match your yearly goal. All other months will show up with a goal of 0 and be ignored for the stats.

Using it for several months:

There are two ways. You can either set a custom goal for each month you want to count, or you can set all the other month goals to 0 and let the form calculate the rest. So if you want to count January, February, and March, you can either give those three months custom goals, or set all other months to 0, which will divide the word count evenly among January, February, and March.

If you have any questions or run into problems, let me know. Likewise, if you want this sheet in a specific design from my NaNo trackers (seen here and here), feel free to request it and I’ll make it a priority. I’m also open to making custom designs for anyone who donates any amount. (I can’t offer that for free at the moment because it does take quite a bit of time to design these.)

Anyway, that’s that! Happy New Year, and happy writing in 2013!