More writing spreadsheets for 2012

Yes, alas, time for more spreadsheets… I updated last year’s tracker so you can use to track your writing throughout 2012. I made it in three different designs, which you might recognise from my NaNo sheets:

You can download it here if you want to use it. Instructions are included as usual. If you liked one of the other NaNo designs better and want to request that, just leave a comment!

I also made an editing spreadsheet. It’s very basic, only one sheet, and it doesn’t have as much fancy stuff as my other spreadsheets. But it works for me, and I figured I’d share. It looks like this:

…and you can download it here. It’s mostly just a means of keeping track of how much work you’ve done on a particular draft and how far you have to go.

All you do is fill in your target word count for each chapter in each draft, and then track how many of those you’ve got done. You can also track scenes instead of words, if that works better – all you really have to do is change the headings to read “scenes” instead of “words”.

If you need more than four drafts, just copy the sheet, that way you’ll have two rounds of four drafts each. And so on.

Happy New Year, and happy tracking!