NaNo, bandwidth, and assorted weirdness

My webhosting provider sent me an email telling me I’m running out of bandwidth. I looked into it and wow, my spreadsheets have been seeing a lot of downloads. You people are crazy. And I’m crazy for uploading the damn things to my website instead of using a free filesharing service.

So I’ve changed the links. They’re still the same spreadsheets, they’re just hosted on Dropbox now because I’ve already upgraded for more bandwidth once now and it still went over the limit. They want more money from me now. Eep.

I got an offer for a sponsored blog post the other day, but I turned it down. The company, which shall remain nameless, wanted me to tell my readers that I’m using its service. I’m not using its service, though. And I’m not about to start lying to people for money.

I’m gearing up for NaNoWriMo at the moment, in between working on art stuff. Some of it is commissions, some of it new personal work and prints for Eirtakon. Have an example!

Closeups from my WIP featuring, well, you know who.

Sammy, Cas and Dean from that one show I can’t stop watching.

I don’t know if I mentioned Eirtakon before, but I will be there, in the Artist Alley, showing off and selling my stuff! I’ll have new pendants, curse boxes, bookmarks, and of course prints. So if you happen to be around Dublin at the end of November, come see me and all the other lovely talented folks who will be there!

And speaking of art, here’s my recent stuff!

Is she fleeing from something, or confronting it? Is she venturing somewhere new? Who is she, anyway? The story is up to you. Digital work | 2013.  A young Hermione Granger reading "Matilda", a book about a smart little girl who loves books and can move things with her mind, and deciding to try moving the nearest object at hand. Digital work | 2013.  Pencil portrait of Chris Hemsworth, aka Thor, aka The Huntsman, and so on. Graphite and coloured pencils | A3 | 2013

Aaaand even more stuff because I have a behind the scenes photo from when I worked on the Chris Portrait.

Here's where and how I work! Monitor with the reference, paper pad with the work in progress, and lots of pencils.

Hell yeah behind-the-scenes stuff. And hell yeah I work on the floor like a little kid, because that’s the most comfortable place, and unlike sitting at my desk it doesn’t hurt my arm. And this way I can spread my pencils and other materials out as far as I want without having to worry about anything falling off my tiny desk, too. (It’s not that tiny. But as far as I’m concerned, every desk is too small.)

I think maybe NaNo has me a bit frazzled already. I don’t have an outline yet, although at least I know how it starts and ends and how most of it works out. Which is more than I’ve had for some years in the past, and less than I’ve had for others. I’m just going to call it a happy compromise and go with that, I think.

So yeah, I have more art now. And no bandwidth left, but tomorrow’s a new month and we can start over. Anyone for more spreadsheets?