NaNoWriMo word tracker spreadsheets

Word tracking spreadsheets for National Novel Writing Month 2017. I make new ones every year, and this page will be updated when I do.


Every file contains a word tracker as well as additional sheets for plotting, character development, and keeping track of your progress, chapters, and characters. New since 2016: a timeline sheet to help keep track of events, scenes, and characters!

There are a ton of different designs, and instructions are included. You’re welcome to edit and share them, but please don’t use the images for anything else. They’re all made with my own artwork, so please respect copyright and all that.

They’re free to use and share – they’re hosted on Gumroad now, but you can just put in “0” in the price field if you don’t want to pay and you won’t be asked for any payment info! If you want to give back, please consider checking out my art shop or sharing the link to this page with others who might be interested. You can also make a donation using the buttons at the bottom of the page!

Click on the preview images to download each sheet!

Original art

nano nano-fairy  nano-inflagranti nano-lament nano-lights nano-mermaid nano-steampunk nano-thalia nano-warrior preview-batb preview-ice-queen preview-lost preview-mermaid preview-ml preview-ballerina preview-stardust preview-starlight preview-pl 


 nano-ad nano-cas nano-dean nano-sam

Once Upon A Time

nano-eq nano-snowing nano-hook-1 preview-itw nano-rumple 


nano-buckypreview-groot nano-lokinano-steggynano-thorpreview-ww



Misc Fandom

nano-ben nano-frasers nano-huntsman preview-endor preview-malec

Old designs

(2016 designs, no longer updated but still functional)

nano-hunt nano-pirate nano-selene

There’s also one spreadsheet that lets you fill in your total wordcount and calculates your daily amount etc from that, but I only made that in one design. If you want it in a different design, you can always adapt one of the others.

I do take requests for custom designs. But every hour I spend on these is an hour I should really be spending on my actual work, so I give preference to folks who donate. Either way, though, request away!


  • I’ve found a bug in the code.
    Please contact me and I’ll fix it!
  • Can you make a version that’ll work on a Mac?
  • I don’t know how to use Excel.
  • I edited stuff I shouldn’t have and now it’s broken, help!
    Re-download and start over.
  • Can you make a version that people can view my blog?
    It’s an Excel file, so no. If you want to share your progress, there’s a thing for that here.

If you’re looking for a year-round tracker, or one that works for months other than November, or one that works for several months at a time, check out my year-round word trackers. New versions for the coming year are posted every December.

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