Spreadsheets for 2014

There was supposed to be a whole thing where I write about Eirtakon and all the wonderful people who came by and recognised me and my art and actually bought quite a lot of it, but… here’s the thing. I came home from Eirtakon, and immediately got sick. And then I had to scramble to catch up on all the commissions and other work I’d neglected in favour of preparing for a con, attending a con, and coughing my lungs out. So I never got around to it. But it was a really great experience, I had a brilliant time, and everyone was amazingly wonderful.

That was in November. Exactly a month ago, actually. Wow, I’m slow. I also didn’t win NaNoWriMo, by the way. It turns out that convention prep and sickness don’t mix very well with NaNo. But on the plus side, November is over and we’re even past the whole solstice nonsense so now the days will get longer again. Whew.

Merry Christmas, or whatever you celebrate!

An alternate version of the SPN Christmas card I made.

(If you don’t celebrate Christmas or anything else, just enjoy the picture, or ignore that part.)

And here are my presents for you – spreadsheets. I made some for 2014. Not quite as many designs as for NaNo, though, because formatting 12 sheets for every file takes ages and I just don’t have the time. I might post up more if I get them finished, but yeah, it’s time-consuming to make all the graphics and change all the colours and so on. Here are the ones I made:

Word-Tracker-2013---Forest-Fairy-preview Word-Tracker-2013---Pirate-preview Word Tracker 2013 - Huntsman - preview Word Tracker 2013 - Steampunk - preview

>> UPDATE: Spreadsheets are now available for download here, updated every year! <<