Year-round word trackers

Word tracking spreadsheets for 2023! I make new ones every year and this page will be updated accordingly. Instructions are included and sample screenshots are further down the page. You’re welcome to edit and share these, but please don’t use the images for anything else. They’re all made with my own artwork.

New in 2023: a version which allows you to track up to 3 individual projects throughout the year!

More resources:

Instructions are included. If you don’t want to pay, you can just put in “0” in the price field and you won’t be asked for any payment info! If you want to give back and help me keep making and hosting these, just choose your price during checkout or make a donation using the links further down.

Just a brief note – I know times are tough for most people this year, myself included. I’m keeping these trackers free for those who can’t afford to pay, but they are the result of many hours of work, and I would really, really appreciate the support this year. Even if it’s just the price of a coffee, or a share of my work. I’m also open for commissions, for character art, portraits, pet portraits, story illustrations, etc. Thank you so much for the support!

Click on the preview images to download each tracker!


Default tracker design Beauty and the Beast design Hades and Persephone design Cat and books design In Flagranti design Lights of Hope design Captain and Mermaid design Lights for the Lost Princess design Pirate's Life design Red Hood design Starlight design Steampunk design Roses design Warrior design.

Art (multiple designs)

Multi design

Multiple-project tracker

Multiple-project tracker


Aragorn design Gandalf design Alpha Centauri - Good Omens design Jamie and Claire design Alina design Dark and Light - Shadow and Bone design The Darkling design Daphne and Simon design Kate and Anthony design

Movies & TV    

Winter Soldier design Loki design Groot design Peggy design Thor design Wonder Woman design Han and Leia design Angels and Demons design Supernatural design Benedict Cumberbatch design

OG Design // Beauty and the Beast // Hades and Persephone // Keeper of the Books // In Flagranti // Lights of Hope // Captain and Mermaid // Lights for the Lost Princess // Pirate’s Life // Red Hood // Starlight // Steampunk // Roses // Warrior

Art // Multi-project

Aragorn // Gandalf // Alpha Centauri // Jamie & Claire // Alina // Dark and Light // The Darkling // Daphne & Simon // Kate & Anthony

Winter Soldier // Loki // Groot // Peggy // Thor // Wonder Woman // Han and Leia // Angels & Demons // Supernatural // Benedict

I do take requests for custom designs, but every hour I spend on these is an hour I should really be spending on my actual work, so I’m only doing custom requests for folks who donate. That said, if you have an idea for a feature or you’d like to see a specific artwork of mine featured, feel free to let me know!



Troubleshooting & FAQ

  • I’m getting a “drawing conversion failed” error and the images aren’t showing up!
    There are two versions of each tracker; try the .xlsx file, that should work.
  • Can you make a version that’ll work on a Mac?
    I don’t own a Mac, so, no. I’m told by people with Macs that these work for them, but your mileage may vary.
  • I don’t know how to use Excel.
    Google “how to use Excel”, the internet is very helpful!
  • I edited stuff I shouldn’t have and now it’s broken, help!
    Your best bet is probably to re-download the file and start over.
  • I’ve found a bug in the code.
    Please contact me and I’ll fix it!
  • Can you make a version that people can view my blog?
    It’s an Excel file, so that won’t work. You can always upload it to Google Docs and link to it, or post screenshots.
  • Can you make a tracker for a few months, or a specific month?
    I did! It’s here if you want to check it out. Alternatively, you can set the custom word count for all the months you DON’T want to track to 0, and you’re set.
  • Will you make new ones for next year?

New in 2020: a spreadsheet specifically for developing characters & plot! If you’re struggling to figure out what your story is about or who your characters are, check it out!

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