Author Services

I have worked with many indie authors and others in the past, providing mainly illustration services, and I’m dipping my toes back into that area now! Book covers are currently not available, but I may add more services here in future.

Character Art

Character portraits to bring your characters to life, help visualise your story, and inspire you. Non-commercial use only, but you are welcome to use them to help promote your book!

Prices are in Euro; please check here for currency conversion!

Price list:

  • Portrait: €80+ | €50+ per additional character $90+ | $60+ per additional character
  • Half-body: €130+ | €100+ per additional character $140+ | $110+ per additional character
  • Full-body: €200+ | €180+ per additional character $220+ | $200+ per additional character

Scene illustrations

Illustrations of moments or scenes from your story. Non-commercial use only, except for promoting your book; if you are interested in book illustrations, please contact me!

Price: €150-€200 depending on complexity $160-$220 depending on complexity

If you’re interested in any of the above, please use the form below to get in touch!

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