Portrait of Charlize Theron. Graphite and colour pencil |  24cm x 23.5 cm | 2008.

I Am Charlize Theron

Look into the mirror. See the beauty, the glamour of this life? The black and white world of fashion, fantasy, and the unattainable ideal that everyone longs for without quite seeming to know why. Even in its perfection, it is incomplete, a 2D imitation of a 3D world, but adding too much realism would destroy the perfect beauty in an instant.

Look into the mirror, and imagine for a moment that you belong here. This beauty is yours. Are you happy now?

The illusion is fragile; one touch and it shatters. The edges are sharp, the transition back into reality painful. But then you see the colours, and the imperfection of it all seems more perfect than anything you ever pretended.

Graphite and colour pencil | 24 x 23.5 cm | 2008.

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