NaNoWriMo word trackers

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(No, I’m not snooping! The original set-up was tailored to the US, and it still is, I’ve just added a way that’s better if you’re in Europe. Still the same spreadsheets, still pay-what-you-want, no worries!)

2021 update: more trackers that let you input your running tally rather than daily wordcount! So now, most of the designs include both versions and you can use whichever you prefer.

Each file contains a word tracker as well as additional sheets for plotting, character development, timeline, and keeping track of your progress, chapters, story, and characters. Sample screenshots are further down this page.

There are a ton of different designs, and instructions are included. If you don’t want to pay, you can just put in “0” in the price field and you won’t be asked for any payment info! If you want to give back and help with running costs for this site, just choose your price during checkout, make a donation using the links further down, or share this page with others who might be interested. Thank you so much for the support!

Click on the preview images below to download each tracker!

nano-preview preview-batb  nano-halloween nano-lament nano-lights preview-lost  preview-ml preview-starlight preview-pl nano-sting nano-steampunk


nano-bucky preview-groot preview-ww   preview-endor nano-gandalf

There’s also one spreadsheet that lets you fill in your total wordcount and calculates your daily amount etc from that, but I only made that in one design. If you want it in a different design, you can always adapt one of the others.