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This is a spreadsheet to help with figuring out and developing plot and/or characters, by posing some key questions. It can aid with character-driven plot, or plot-driven characters, or a mix of both. Rather than filling in what your characters have for breakfast or what their favourite colour is, it focuses on the story-relevant aspects: what do they want, what is holding them back, etc. Likewise for plot, the focus is on figuring out what needs to happen, as opposed to trying to structure a storyline when you already have the plot worked out.

So this is basically a sheet for starting from scratch. The aim is to be a starting point, a guide to the essential bits you need to know before starting to write. There are examples of both sheets to help illustrate how they work.

It also borrows a few of the sections from the NaNoWriMo tracker, for keeping track of chapters, characters, and other info, and it has a timeline as well.

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